Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Birthday

Yesterday was my Birthday and in my family, my brothers and sisters. There is 7 of us, our custom is to call each other on our birthdays. My brothers Jess and Ron seem to forget things like that. Was I surprise when My oldest brother Jess called, I about fell out of my chair. I told him how surprised I was that he didn't forget, well he said my space sent him a notice about my birthday (we're both on my space) and he also said our baby sister called him that morning. LOL. Then my other brother Ron called, now having both of them calling I got suspicion's so I had to asked, did Paula call you to remind you, he said ya she called him that morning but his wife also remind him the day before.

OK I did get some knitting done, but am not done yet, I got another cowl on my needles, hand warmers, and a shrug, my first time doing a shrug I hope it turns out OK. I guess you not a true knitter until you have make a sweater, that's close...That is one thing I want to do is knit a sweater, but I don't like to sew. Oh well just do it!
Here are a few things I got done.

Birthday cowls

Rib-A-Roni Hats

Saturday afternoon hat , Garden Trellis mitts

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