Saturday, December 6, 2008

Stressful time

Its been sometime since I wrote in my blog. The last week in October and all of November has been very stressful for me. First my oldest son was in a fire, his camper trailer blew up with him inside. He turned on the burners on his cook stove to heat the camper, went out and came back in closed the door then saw the flames from the stove go all the way across the camper, then heard a sucking sound which then blew up and blew him outside, I guess they call that a back draft. His shirt and pants were on fire, he was pulling his shirt off and putting the fire out on his pants with his hands causing more burns to his hands. The back of his legs, his hands and face were burnt. They took him to Cape Girardeau, MO. My oldest daughter lives close by and heard about it and called me right away. So you can imagine what was going through my mind. I was waiting on my middle daughter and youngest son to pick me up. We got about 40 miles out of Marion when My daughter called and said they were air lifting him to St. Louis burn center in Mo. so we turned around and headed to St. Louis, Mo. We picked up my oldest daughter in Mt. Vernon and got back on the road. now I hate driving around St. Louis, we always get lost there and of course we got lost for 2 hours, ya we stop and ask for directions more than once. We finally got to the hospital around 3:30 a.m. went right on in to see him. They had a tube down his throat, his hands wrap, his face was black with blisters, most of his hair was gone. He looked awful but he was alive. I thank God for being with him, if he wasn't blown out of the camper he wouldn't be with us today and for all the prayers that went out for him that night. He came home one day short of a week and he only needed grafting on his hands and they are looking good today.
A week after we brought him home I got sick with a cold, my oldest came and took him home with her so he wouldn't catch what I had. I was sick for 2 weeks. Then my husband got sick coughing real hard, he finally went to the doctors and they took xrays of his chest and they found out he has copd. He is now getting over the cold he had.
So taking care of my son then myself and husband I did not have time to knit. I'm trying to catch up now on my Christmas knitting. Hopefully I will finish before then, I just need more hands or time.

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Barbara said...

Your family certainly had a lot to be thankful for this season. Thank God for the care He gave your son and for finding your husband's COPD. I pray you are all feeling blessed.


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